Apollonia’s Dinner Menu


Roast Potatoes
roasted with olive oil, oregano & lemon

fish roe dip, served with pita

chick pea & garlic, served with pita

greek yogurt, garlic & cucumber, served with pita

feta, spinach & herbs wrapped in filo pastry with olive oil, served with tzatziki

grape vine leaves stuffed with herbs, rice, olive oil & oregano

3 Dips & 2 Pitas
tzatziki, homous, taramasalata

Feta & Olives

Garlic Prawns
tiger prawns sautéed in garlic butter

chargrilled Greek meatballs, served with taztziki

Prawns Uvetsi
tiger prawns in red wine tomato sauce topped with feta cheese

pan fried kefalogrievera cheese, served with pita

deep fried squid lightly breaded in a special oregano mixture, served with tzatziki

Keftedes Uvetsi *new!
Greek meatballs served in red wine tomato sauce, topped with feta

Grilled Kalamari *new!
Marinated and charbroiled

Mussels *new!
Sauteed and steamed in red wine, butter, garlic and herbs

Lamb Chops
Marinated and charbroiled, served with tzatziki

Appetizer Platter
kalamari, keftedes, dolmades, spanakopita, tzatziki, homous


traditional white bean and vegtable soup with a light tomato broth

a light chicken & egg-lemon soup with rice


Fresh Garden Salad

Greek Salad

Caesar Salad


– served with rice, roast potatoes, Greek salad and pita –

Spanakopita Dinner
feta, spinach & leeks wrapped in filo pastry with olive oil

Keftedes Dinner
Greek meatballs

layers of eggplant, zucchini, & ground meat sauce topped with béchamel sauce

Roast Lamb (shoulder)
marinated and slow roasted to perfection

Roast Chicken (1/2)
seasoned and roasted, with a chargrilled finish

Ribs & Chicken
the perfect duo

Greek Ribs (Baby Back Ribs)
seasoned & marinated and charbroiled

Lamb Loins
seasoned then broiled

Greek Platter for 1 or 2
small souvlaki – chicken or lamb, mousaka, homous & tzatziki

Vegetarian Platter for 1 or 2
spanakopita, dolmades, homous, tzatziki

Seafood Entrees

– served with rice, roast potatoes, Greek salad and pita –

Kalamari Dinner
deep fried squid lightly breaded in a special oregano mixture

Garlic Prawns
sautéed in butter & garlic

Wild Salmon
marinated, seasoned and charbroiled

Prawns Uvetsi
prawns in red wine tomato sauce & feta


– served with rice, roast potatoes, Greek salad, tzatziki and pita –

Chicken (breast)
Lamb (leg)
Prawn & Scallop
Mixed – chicken & lamb; chicken & prawn; lamb & prawn

Platters for two

– served with rice, roast potatoes, Greek salad, and pita –

Authentic Greek Platter
small chicken & lamb souvlakia, mousaka, keftedes, tzatziki, homous

Apollonian Platter
lamb loins, chicken souvlaki, keftedes, spanakopita, tzatziki

Chef’s Platter
chicken & lamb souvlaki, kalamari, keftedes, tzatziki

Niko’s Platter
roast lamb, mousaka, kalamari, tzatziki


– our pizza crust is made in-house daily and topped with our signature tomato sauce and freshly grated mozzarella cheese –

The Apollonian Pizzapepperoni, onions, mushrooms, fresh tomato slices
The Pepperoni Pizzapepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers
Spinachspinach, feta, artichokes
Hawaiianblack forest ham, mushrooms, pineapple
Vegetarianfresh tomato slices, green peppers, mushrooms, feta
Ordinaireblack forest ham, mushrooms, green peppers
Plain Cheese
Pepperoni & Cheese

(thin crust pizza available, please ask your server)


filo pastry filled with almonds & walnuts, topped with syrup & cinnamon
* add a scoop of maple walnut gelato

shredded filo pastry (katifi), topped with custard, whipped cream, almonds, syrup

filo pastry with a semolina custard, served with cinnamon & syrup

Mario’s Gelati
3 scoops, served with chocolate